The Process

In order to begin the process for an individual to become a part of "A Home of My Own," a family member, supports coordinator, or the individual should contact a supports broker. During the initial phone call, basic information about the individual will be collected, as well as information to determine if "A Home of My Own" may be the right fit for the individual. A meet and greet will be set up. During the meet and greet, "A Home of My Own" will be discussed further. We will also discuss the needs and desires of the individual, as well as future plans.

EddieIf the person, family, and supports coordinator decide that "A Home of My Own" may be the right fit for the individual, then a Community Living Assessment may be completed. The Community Living Assessment focuses on skill levels needed to live as independently as possible. The areas focused on are fostering self-determination, healthy lifestyle choices, money management, healthy eating, household management, academic skills, and safety. Based on the assessment, "A Home of My Own" will be able to determine the amount of support staff needed for the individual to live as independently as possible. Once the assessment review is completed the entire team will meet again to go over the results.

Achieva's will work with you to assess your family member's community living skills. The support broker will listen to your ideas about where, and with whom, your family member would like to live. We will also include your family member's supports coordinator in these discussions. We will then assist in locating housing and determine the amount of paid and natural supports that your family member will require to live safely outside of the family home. Once these decisions are made, we will work with the Supports Coordinators (SC) to develop or change your family member's Individual Support Plan (ISP) and to obtain authorization for services. We hope that you will take the next step to schedule a meeting to further discuss "A Home of My Own" and other resources and benefits your family member with a disability may be entitled to receive. We will be happy to schedule a time and place to meet that is convenient for you. 

For more information on "A Home of My Own", please contact Michelle Stockunas at (412) 995-5000 x402 or