How to Be and Find a Good Housemate

How to be a good housemate.

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How can you find a housemate?

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Think about the people you know, work with, know from Special Olympics, see at your place of worship or community activities and events. Talk with your supports coordinator to see if they know of someone who is looking for a housemate. Your family may also know another family whose family member with a disability is looking to share an apartment or house.

What do you do when you think you may have found a potential housemate? It is important that the two of you spend more time together getting to know each other better. You will want to learn about each other's lifestyles and interests. You may want to go out for some meals together, talk about where you would like to live, when you would like to move and what services each person needs.

It may be important that your families meet and get acquainted with each other and how they can work together to combine their resources to enable you and your housemate to live together. It is also important to talk with your supports coordinator about your ideas for housemates, where you would like to live and what services you both need to live in a home of your own.